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July 12, 2009

little orphan blog

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I didn’t want my initial post to feel alone, so here’s another. 

Currently my fingers are stained brown from pitting and halving cherries.  C is on another one of his kicks, this time he’s determined to preserve in booze and sugar any fruit he can get his hands on.  Our house is now full to the brim with mason jars and bags of cherries.  Once he gets fixated by a project there’s no stopping him. 

What drives me absolutely bonkers is that instead of trying to do a few test jars, he buys enough to open a canning store.  He does this with everything.  We can never just buy what we need or might actually use.  We always have to buy huge quantities of stuff which mostly sits unused until I throw it out or it goes bad.  In our cupboards there are cans of snails, conch, tuna, anchovies, Mexican flavourings, Indian flavourings, jam, you name it, many of which have been there long before we met.  The stupid thing is, I can never bring myself to throw them away even though I suspect they’re no longer good.  Periodically I do, but not often enough.

Today I wanted to work on the report and garden and instead I’ve spent the day driving around with C, pitting cherries and going to the grocery store.  This always seems to happen.  I really need to find a way to put my foot down b/c this leaves me feeling very resentful which is not a good thing.

Apparently I’m in a fairly crappy mood.


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